Thin Concrete Wall Panels Information


Thin concrete wall panels are a product designed and developed by Rock Elements. They utilize a very strong concrete mix which has a high compressive strength and tensile strength due to its ingredients. The wall panels can be placed in many different types of interior or exterior environments such as bathrooms, living rooms, businesses, gardens, and much more. They are a simple and beautiful solution to many spaces.

Thickness and Installation:

As a result of this formula the wall panels are ¾ of an inch thick and can be attached directly to wood framed or masonry walls without drilling or other anchors. This allows for quick installation and the ability to clad large surfaces with a finished material verses putting up tile or drywall and then having to provide further finishes. Rock Elements does complete design, fabrication, and installation of panels.

Colors, Shapes, Finishes:

Thin wall panels have the same options for colors, shapes, and finishes as concrete countertops. They are available in any color or colors. Rock Elements follows the Benjamin Moore paint sample codes for matching colors. The panels can be made in any shape or size and the only limitations would be the ability to carry pieces into place. The finishes available are unpolished and lightly polished along with a choice of a penetrating sealer or lacquer sealer.

Further Options:

Rock Elements offers a variety of ways to customize wall panels from sandblasted images to inlays. A large variety of textures are also available based upon client request. In addition Rock Elements commissions artists of other mediums to create designs, which are then included in the thin wall panels though a variety of options. Please contact Rock Elements for further details.

Suspended Thin Wall Panels:

Rock Elements also has developed thin wall panels which are finished on both sides which can be used to divide large spaces. For example if a client had a large room which they wished to make into a office with a hallway then the wall panels can be attached to a suspension system to create a wall. 

The thin wall panel applications are open to the imagination. Rock Elements can custom design a solution for you. 

When beginning a building project please contact Rock Elements to see what ideas are possible for your application.