Fabric Forms

A very new development in the concrete industry are fabric forms to replace the traditional rigid steel or wood formwork. These forms allow for many unique shapes that would not be possible with static forms. These members can be structural or non-structural building elements. Their unique shape and texture makes them a very attractive building element and will draw people into a business to discover just what the material is.

At this time Rock Elements has used the fabric forms for furniture pieces and other building elements. The pieces are curved in nature and have a soft shape which has been recognized in art shows with Best in Show awards and Purchase Prizes. 

The texture of fabric formed concrete depends solely on the pattern of the fabric itself so it one was designing for a clothing company and store then the actual clothing fabric can be used to create the formwork and imprint the concrete with the logo or fabric pattern. The options of this type of technique are unique and far reaching.

Concrete Consultation Information

Rock Elements provides concrete consulting for projects of all sizes. We can work with you to decide upon new shapes for concrete building elements or on finishes and textures for different applications and how to best achieve them through the correct choice of form materials. Also we can specify concrete mix designs for difficult form shapes and provide tests on how the finished product will turn out. Rock Elements keeps up to date with emerging concrete technologies to be a leader in information on concrete. We are constantly testing new products for new applications. 

Another important service provided by Rock Elements is concrete coloring through integral colors. We follow the Benjamin Moore paint sample book to provide any color of concrete or combination of colors.

If there is a project which you are interested using concrete but do now know how to do it then contact Rock Elements to provide you ideas on how it can best fit your needs. Not all concrete needs to be done in large or heavy pieces; it can be used as a thin veneer for building in interior and exterior applications. Please look at the included information on thin wall panels.

For projects that you wish to really have a unique look please read the information on fabric forms which are able to make very complex shapes, unique forms, and have incredible fabric textures.

Concrete consultation services are 75 dollars per hour.